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How Does StriVectin-SD Work?

StriVectin-SD includes a proprietary complex of skin firming agents, elasticizers, and skin hydrators. adding up to the most comprehensive topical formulation shown to effectively confront virtually every aspect of visible stretch mark reduction.

A groundbreaking series of studies has demonstrated, without a doubt, the amazing effectiveness of StriVectin-SD'sŽ functional isolates. After reviewing and verifying the clinical data, an incredible 93% of subjects saw a signifigant, visible reduction in the appearance of stretch marks. The unequivocal, verified results speak for themselves. But there's more. Clinical observations further document the ability of StriVectin-SD's independent isolates to dramatically improve the appearance of:

Indented surfaces

Smooth surfaces

Skin firmness

Irregularities in skin discoloration

StriVectin-SD Testimonials

The day I started using StriVectin-SD, I became a vibrant lady. The difference in my skin was amazing. The first day it looked softer, younger and no wrinkles!

Marlys - California
I started using StriVectin-SD on Nov 5, 2003. As you can see I have had remarkable results. The facial wrinkles and the lines between my eyebrows have been considerably reduced.

The other day at the grocery store the checker stopped, I looked up at him, he said I just wondered if you are old enough to purchase this liquor.

That's not bad for a 61 year old lady.

Thank you StriVectin-SD.

Linda - Oregon
What a wonderful product! To be honest, I was skeptical about using StriVectin on my face. I only used Estee Lauder moisturizer on my face for the last several years. Being almost 50 yrs old, I started to see my skin tone become dull looking. Also, I was beginning to see wrinkles and dark spot (freckles). In the short time (approximately a month) using this product, what dramatic results have occurred. My skin tone is brighter, the dark spots have faded, and the wrinkle lines are decreasing. Friends and family members have noticed making positive comments about a more youthful appearance. This non-believer has now become a believer! No more fancy cosmetic lotion for me only StriVectin-SD!

Beverly - Ohio
My fiance and I were in a horrific automobile accident in august of 2003. Our automobile had been hit from behind by a drunk driver and we rolled three times, I was ejected from the automobile through the right passenger window (which was up). The right side of my face and ear were so badly cut up that they were unrecognizable. I was hospitalized for nineteen days. After I was released, I was home and reading my Ladies Home Journal magazines and that's where I saw your ad for the StriVectin-SD. The advertisement said that it originally was designed for stretch marks and then found out that it was great for wrinkles, nothing was said about "scars" - however I was compelled to buy it. I purchased it at my local GNC store on Oct. 30, 2003. it is now mid January and the results are amazing. you can see for yourself. I am sending before and after pictures. I use it 3 times a day and you only need a small amount. I am just thrilled to death with your product. I can't tell you enough how much I love StriVectin-SD. I was so horrified at first when I looked in the mirror. I thought I was going to need plastic surgery but now thanks to your product I don't feel I will need it. I am so happy with the results that I starting using it on the "crows' feet" wrinkles around my eyes. Within three weeks they were gone! StriVectin-SD is worth every penney and then some.

Alice - Tennessee
I am 67 years old. When my son was younger I took him to Florida about ten times a year. We played on the beach, "no sun screen at that time."

My neck was damaged with wrinkles and chest. I started using your product, my neck and chest look good for the first time in 30 years.

My face looks younger, hands and arms. I have no crows feet around my eyes. The last week I have had compliments on my age "you don't look your age."

I will continue using your product no matter what the price is. I apply at night and morning. I am not over wieght, I exercise daily - yoga and pilates. Anything I can do to look better I do. Thank you for a wonderful product. I buy Womans World each and every week to keep up with diet, exercise, health, finance and makeup.

Nancy - Florida
I am a 54 year old woman that is on the go all the time. I own and partner in several ventures with my son and daughter. I travel more than I am at home and also am the grandma to two little boys that keep me on the go more than my business. I read your article in a magazine and started looking in all the health food stores and cosmetic counters in almost every State in the US and could not find it. I finally went on line and ordered two tubes from you direct. I had started getting deep lines around my mouth, but mainly my top lip and was considering having surgery to correct the problem. I have been using your product as a last result [resort] before surgery, but Thank You so much I don't need anything but your product. This is my third week of using StriVectin-SD and I love it and it is working so great that I have told all my girlfriends that are going through Botox injections. I am a skin care professional, Micro-Dermabrasion, Permanent Cosmetics (lip and eye liner), trust me, I know a GREAT product when I see one, especially through a magnifying glass, I use constantly with my work... Thank you for your product and I will use and continue to promote you and your product.

Janet - Tennessee
30 days ago, my sister told me about StriVectin and her skin looked so good, I decided to try this cream on my face and neck. Ladies, you would be pleased to see the change in your skin texture and the wrinkles are fading with each application. Also, I have used StriVectin on my arms and legs. I love the smooth feeling you get by using this cream daily. Three years ago, I had surgery and it left scars on my chest, I have applied StriVectin on the scars and it appears to be clearing the scars up.

If you are 50 years old and would like to remain without wrinkles, I would suggest you order your cream today. The cost may seem high but, ladies you earned all those wrinkles and now is the time to do something about them. Look beautiful again.

Glenda - Alabama
Prior to June 7th 2003 I was a very active 44 year old with a full-time Office Administrator position at a Banking Institution. I not only worked full-time, but worked with the local high school cheerleaders with their tumbling skills and choreographed their dance routines and put together their Bon Fire Pep Rallies every year at homecoming. I jogged approximately 10-12 miles weekly, was the Secretary of the Booster Club, did selling programs.

But on June 7th my whole world took a 180 degree turn. I was driving home from work when on the highway the four lane traffic came to a halt....... the 18 wheeler behind me didn't and struck me in the rear of my 4-Runner going 60 MPH (as noted on the police report) totaling my vehicle and sending me in a down hill spiral. For 2 1/2 years I went from doctor to doctor, taking a huge line of different prescriptions and having to undergo spinal blocks, nerve blocks, Botox A and Botox B injections, then I was finally diagnosed with a disease called "Cervical Dystonia Spasmodic Torticollis". (Trauma induced to the neck and brain).

I was referred to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota where Dr. Dudley Davis performed a 7 hour long Denerviation operation. Needless to say, my skin was the last thing on my mind during those years and did not take care of it at all, plus I had damage from being a sun worshiper back in my teenage years. I looked older than my age, with hollowed eyes, uneven skin tones, and ugly wrinkles and crow's feet.

The good news is that the operation in Minnesota, while it didn't cure my disease, it did help me to be able to hold my head straight and have some of the pain alleviated. At this point after the surgery looking in the mirror I was shocked to see how bad I had let my skin get during this period and started trying different creams that might bring the color into my skin and tone down my uneven skin and refine the heavy wrinkles.

When one day I found an ad in the paper about StriVectin, how it was mainly for stretch marks but had been determined in studies done by doctors to smooth out your complexion and make it have a more youthful appearance. I thought, "what the heck" and bought a tube. I used it twice a day after cleansing my face and then sometimes just pat a little around my eyes during the day.

After my 1st tube, I purchased another one and got on the automatic program where I would have the StriVectin delivered to me every three months. Still being subconscious [self-conscious] of the way I had looked for so long. I told my husband that I thought I would see a local Plastic Surgeon and see about getting a face lift to see if I would feel better about myself. You know you never see yourself as someone else sees you but my husband told me I didn't need a face lift that my skin looked good for my age. Not believing him I made an appointment anyway because I thought he was just saying that to make me feel better, but when I told my friends they all said, "Gail, you don't need a face lift, you are looking so good now." Still not believing them, I went to the doctor to see about having the procedure done. When the doctor walked in and asked me what I wanted to have done, he had me to stand at the mirror and point to the problem areas that I saw and explain to him why I needed the procedure. He told me right out that I didn't need a face lift at all. He said that my skin looked very good and I did not look 48 years old. He said with all the different medications and anesthetics I had undergone through the past 3 years he was surprised at how good my complexion looked and asked me what I had been using. So I told him "StriVectin." When I told my husband what the doctor said, he said that he must be a very good doctor to turn down an operation and said I told you that you didn't need a face lift! I was shocked myself!

I'd never heard of a plastic surgeon ever turning down a surgery before, specially when the doctor told me that his most favorite surgery to perform was face lifts. I owe it all to StriVectin. I truly believe that by starting to use that cream daily, it helped to turn back the hands of time for myself and I will continue to use it as long as I'm alive!

I have included a picture of myself before the operation at the Mayo Clinic that was taken in August 2002 and a picture of myself today after using StriVectin rigorously for a year.

Gayle - Florida
Your face cream is the best -- I've tried them all la mer, la prairie, clarins, kinerase and most recently lancome's resolution. They are placebo's compared to StriVectin.

When I apply it to my face it fills in the cracks like some space age - age eraser and makes my skin smoother, vibrant and younger. It's youth in a tube and alot cheaper and safer than a face lift. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Lucky - Ohio
As a manager of a GNC store the arrival of the product StriVectin-SD peaked my curiosity. If it could repair stretch marks why not wrinkles. To me it was worth a shot. Within a week I could see the depth of the wrinkle soften. After three weeks I could visibly see a difference in my entire face. I did look younger. How exciting and amazing to see results so quickly.

My favorite part is the comments coming from my customers. Your new hair color makes you look younger (I never changed my hair color). Did you get a new hair style? It certainly makes you look younger (My hairstyle did not change, just a trim). Those comments are thanks to your product.

Stivectin-SD Wow! What a fabulous product. I use it daily on my face, neck and other parts of my body. I am thrilled with the fast results. In fact I started putting it on my husbands face too. He started to see results in only a week. Since we are entering our golden years is what makes this product even more amazing.

It is extremely exciting to find a product like StriVectin-SD at our age. StriVectin-SD allows me to look younger with little effort. I will continue to use it. Plus I love sharing my results with the customers of GNC. Allowing me to sell your product from a personal stance, therefore increasing sales for GNC and your company too. Making all of us winners.

StriVectin-SD is a winner. Bring on the applause for StriVectin-SD. Thank you for StriVectin-SD.

StriVectin-SD FAQs

Reduce the Appearance of Existing Stretch Marks
Significant, Visible Results in 28 Days. Guaranteed!

Stretch marks. They're unsightly, embarrassing, and they destroy your confidence. But just when you were about to resign yourself to a life of one-piece bathing suits, cover-up sarongs, and a dimly lit bedroom, here comes the news millions of women plagued by the embarrassment of stretch marks have been waiting for: it's StriVectin-SDŽ from Klein-Becker USAŽ.a bio-active topical stretch mark cream clinically proven to reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks (prominent because of their depth, length, discoloration, and texture).on your hips, thighs, abdomen, breasts, arms, buttocks.or anywhere else stretch marks have etched their conspicuous stripes. Best of all, StriVectin-SDŽ works no matter how long you've had your stretch marks.whether it's been ten days or ten years.

StriVectin-SD: The Most Effective Stretch Mark Compound Ever Developed
With new StriVectin-SD from Klein-BeckerŽ, no longer do you have to be embarrassed putting on a bathing suit. No longer do you have to suffer the pain and humiliation of knowing people are staring at your stretch marks. Most importantly, no longer will you be ashamed of your body during those most intimate moments when there's no place to hide. StriVectin-SD's proven ability to significantly reduce the appearance of the scarring and striations of stretch marks will give you confidence, renewed self-respect, and a new and better life.

Remember: StriVectin-SD is not a mere cover-up or some "super-moisturizer" to help "prevent" stretch marks.Klein-Becker usa specifically developed StriVectin-SD for people who want to reduce the appearance of exsiting stretch marks. So take back your smooth, youthful, stretch-mark-free body today. Order StriVectin-SD now! You won't be disappointed.

StriVectin-SD The Stretch Mark Cream Turned Anti-Wrinkle Phenomenon
Size 6 oz
Specialized Formulation For Application to the Orbital Eye Area
Size 1.3 oz

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