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    The physiological causes of dry hair include a depletion of hydrolipidic film, which forms a barrier for the hair fiber against external stress factors. Although hair tends to be naturally dry, chemical processes (coloring, bleaching) and mechanical processes (blow-drying, straightening) dehydrate hair. These factors are harmful to the keratin in the hair and increase the porosity of the cuticle. As a result, moisture contained in the hair fiber evaporates, leaving hair dehydrated.
    The PHYTO Solution: Provide hair with hydration to protect, moisturize, soften and detangle hair.

    Ultra-dry hair is brittle, dull and prone to split ends. It is naturally dry hair whose condition has worsened due to exposure to chemical or environmental stress. In addition to losing moisture, ultra-dry hair is drained of its vital substances such as amino acids and keratin compounds. This makes the hair fiber porous and harsh.
    The PHYTO Solution: Provide hair with nourishment, shine and softness. Repair damaged polypeptide chains using hydrolized plant and silk proteins and keratin.

    Hair coloring, bleaching and perming are used to make hair more beautiful, however, even advanced formulations and applications sometimes leave hair dry, damaged, and lackluster. These techniques are based on chemical reactions that modify the hair structure, and despite careful neutralization, remaining alkalinity can persist. Hair scales remain open leading to a loss of radiance and poor color fixation.
    The PHYTO Solution: Close and smooth the hair scales using the acidity of citrus fruit to soften, nourish, and provide UV protection for hair.

    Hair that lacks body is often fine, soft, and may become greasy and limp. Sensitive to humidity and static electricity, fine and limp hair have difficulty holding any style.
    The PHYTO Solution: Provide coating agents to thicken the hair shaft, invigorate hair at the roots with energizing agents, and add body with a lightweight texture.

    Naturally frizzy hair is generally dry and difficult to style. It may even become ultra-dry after straightening and heat-styling. Highly sensitive to humidity, frizzy hair needs to be relaxed with moisturizing and coating products that will gently smooth the hair fiber while protecting it from breakage. Naturally curly hair will also benefit from these hydrating and shielding properties.
    The PHYTO Solution: Moisturize and coat the hair to restore shine and softness, and strengthen hair to adapt to external stress factors.

    Curly hair, which is frequently dry and brittle, lacks suppleness and often feels rough to the touch. Extremely difficult to style, curly hair is not always easy to manage on a daily basis. It needs moisturizing and reparative treatments in order to add vitality and greater definition.
    The PHYTO Solution: Provide energy and moisture to restore bounce and luster, and stimulate curls for definition, without weighing them down.

    The particularity of our brand is to give a specific answer to every hair and scalp disorder. Meanwhile, there is a segment that can suit any hair type in order to purify the scalp and beautify the hair.  Hair that is usually healthy-looking and has natural radiance, hold, suppleness, and manageability is contributed to intact cuticle and harmonious sebum secretion. This hair may be thick, fine or medium in diameter.
    The PHYTO Solution: Maintain hair's natural balance to prevent problems from developing and remove impurities to restore shine and to ensure a healthy scalp.

    As we age, hair often becomes weak and fragile requiring special care.
    Phytodensium serum and shampoo prevents further damage by injecting strength and vigor into aging hair. A powerful combination of plant extracts protect against free radicals, fortifies the hair shaft and increase hair's elasticity while reducing the appearance of gray hair.
    The PHYTO Solution: Stimulated and toned, hair regains its density and vitality.

    Hair lives and dies in accordance with a natural cycle, and it is perfectly normal to lose hair. If more than 100 hairs fall out daily, however, the condition should be treated.
    The PHYTO Solution: Purify, soothe, and care for the scalp to stimulate the hairbulb area and regenerate growth.

    Although benign, dandruff can be a source of social embarrassment and physical discomfort. Dandruff is caused by the acceleration of the scalp's renewal cycle and the proliferation of microbial flora. Severe fatigue, stress, and environmental aggressions contribute to the spread of dandruff.
    The PHYTO Solution: Exfoliate the scalp to eliminate dandruff flakes and soothe irritation with calming plant decoctions.

    PHYTO takes pride in caring for all hair and scalp types, even those most difficult to treat. Lifeless hair, sensitive scalp, oily scalp and gray/white hair deserve particular attention to revitalize, soothe, regulate and beautify.
    The PHYTO Solution: Offer specially designed formulas to combat the challenges commonly associated with these hair and scalp types.

    PHYTO PRO uses the natural holding and volumizing properties of myrrh, a botanical resin, to impart varying degrees of hold and shine. Unlike other styling lines, which are often harsh and chemically based, our high-performance collection will never leave hair dry or damaged. This versatile range helps create all of your favorite looks. Go ahead, define your style.
    The PHYTO Solution: Offer varied degrees of structure and hold with our styling products and impart long-lasting texture and shine with our finishing products.

    Sun, saltwater, wind and chlorine can weaken hair causing it to become brittle, unmanageable, and discolored. Melanin and keratin act as natural shields against UVA and UVB radiation, but UV-damaged hair does not repair itself.
    The PHYTO Solution: Moisturize, repair, and protect against UV rays to prevent oxidation and preserve the brightness of color.

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